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Charity event?

Postby sweetbearsg on Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:44 am

Do the Toadies ever do charity events? The Spencer Bell Legacy is organizing a charity concert for April 2010 with bands such as Tin Tin Can, Drew and the Medicinal Pen, 100 Monkeys, and some local Dallas bands. Would the Toadies consider doing an event like this with part of the proceeds going to adrenal cancer research? Spencer Bell was a musician who was well on the rise when he was diagnosed with adrenal cancer. He died eleven days later. Now, his family and the legacy have dedicated his music and artwork to raising money for adrenal cancer research so it would not be a death sentence for those diagnosed in the future.

If any one has any ideas or any Toadies are willing to consider this, please contact me at

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