Question for Rez about Live Recordings

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Question for Rez about Live Recordings

Postby clerks37 on Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:29 am

I know Rez gets on here sometimes and was hoping he could answer this.....

I was looking at other bands pages recently and noticed that Weezer at times records their shows, and sells copies of their concerts online for the fans to buy. Have you guys considered doing this?

This could be a win/win. Us fans get a copy of a concert we attended, or really wanted to go to and for some reason couldn't, and you guys could benefit from extra revenue to buy more equipment for the shows (or whatever you need it for). Who knows maybe have a good stage destruction performance next year at Dia De Los Toadies (Sorry just having flash backs of the 90s....) :)

Anyways I know I would love to have recordings of some of the shows I went to (like 1995 Winston Salem, NC at Ziggys with Bruttlejuice - yes I am showing my age) and figured the other fans on here would to.

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Re: Question for Rez about Live Recordings

Postby thewicke on Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:46 pm

I would agree with this, but I'm happy to hear anything they're willing to release. Sometimes bands don't want to release raw mixes of their shows, the general public is used to polished sounding releases. Listen to 'Rock Show' they recorded at St. Paddy's Day if you haven't heard that, it is pretty raw and awesome!
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