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Re: Set times at Dia?

Postby jdrew on Mon Sep 14, 2015 4:21 pm

Night shadow wrote:What was the Burden Brothers setlist?

The dude right in front of me got the set list but from what i remember (and in no particular order):

Come on Down, Shadow, Beautiful Night, GDB, Your Fault, Shine, Still, Liberated, Conditional, If You're Going To Heaven, Let It Go (I think Vaden forgot a few of these lyrics, which is funny because when I showered that morning with the BB on shuffle, this song came on and I totally forgot about it). That mighta been it. Walk Away or Do For Me might have been in there, too (half hammered and had to piss so bad but I wasn't treking out for anything at that point). Great show; its like they never missed a beat.

I usually don't bug people at shows but as I was leaving the Red Bull tent, I saw Taz walking up and chatted/bothered him for a few minutes, gave him one of the beers I just bought (tried to give him a second one but he handed it to my wife), got a picture, he said to snap another one for measure and hopefully I wasn't too intrusive. Awesome dude. Hopefully I wasn't too intrusive for those few minutes but even if I was, he didn't let it show. (And yes, I know he was drinking for free and probably didn't want that Ziegenbock, but it just felt right, you know?)

Always had my interest piqued on the DDLT but this year, Local H got me to thinking of going; The Burden Brothers turned it into a must-see. Surprised you didn't make it, assuming you still live in Texas.
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Re: Set times at Dia?

Postby Jim01 on Mon Sep 14, 2015 8:29 pm

Damn! One of my all time favorite songs. So sad I missed that one live.
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Re: Set times at Dia?

Postby Night shadow on Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:29 am

Thanks for posting the setlist. No I didn't get to make it to the show. Yeah, I'm still in Houston. Lived in Denton for 4 yrs while getting my degree at North Texas. The BB used to play Denton all the time at a bar across from the language building. Such fun shows. I know the Toadies played Denton a lot early on
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Re: Set times at Dia?

Postby jdrew on Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:56 pm

According to the picture of the set list from the BB's Facebook page, Do For Me was played and Buried in Your Black Heart was played towards the very end, but I don't remember it. Maybe they ran out of time or maybe I just forgot it.
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