Ya'll HAVE to read my disclaimer to the pics in...

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Ya'll HAVE to read my disclaimer to the pics in...

Postby KENTtheOREGONIAC on Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:19 pm

my reply to Murfdog in the Soon to Massively ROCK post. It's must that says it all with the postshow pics. Thankyou Toadies and crew..& please give up some love to Sean?/Shawn? at the merch table. He was not only a big help, but I watched his PR w/ the crowd and he ran a pretty tight and friendly ship. My wife loves her PRM and is turning it on to all her friends as she did ND, etc. I'm buying 2 more PRM in Salem Thursday, one of which will go to our good friend, the Great Terry Robb, a NW legend and worldclass musician who loves all genres of music...and the Toadies should be no different. Doni, gotta post coming soon for ya. Hope you and the band will share/fight over Terry's Muddyvishnue album and crank the piss out of it on those certain stretches of long ass road.
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